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Ergonomically designed, guaranteed to make video taping easier. Produces smoother looking videos, while providing more control of the camcorder and use of the other hand to steady and operate the camera. Threaded hole for mounting tripod quick release. For all smaller 8mm and digital camcorders.

S-800 Standard Shoulder Rest #103
  • $64.95 + $10.95 S&H

Designed for professional videographers, offering all the features of the standard model, plus a 3" wide shoulder cushion with more supple padding providing maximum comfort and stability for longer shoots. Foam cushion padding fits shoulder slope. Designed to fit all 8mm and digital camcorders.

S-800 Pro Shoulder Rest #106
  • $89.95 + $10.95 S&H

The XSB is designed to provide extra support for the S-800 Super Pro Shoulder Rest, allowing the shooter to have more "free hands" and smoother shooting. It quickly attaches to the bottom of the shoulder rest as shown. The padded end piece then rests on the lower chest, providing the added stability. It has three adjustment points allowing for a custom fit.

XSB #125
NOTE: This is for use with the S-800 Super Pro only
  • $39.95 + $10.95 S&H

Makes holding small format camcorders easier by providing a solid, comfortable grip. Stabilizes camcorder for skillful taping and ease of use. Designed to fit all 8 mm and Digital camcorders. Locks in 3 positions, attaches in seconds. Folds away flat for easy storage. A must for the newer and smaller model camcorders and large cameras as well (see thumbnail images). A super gift idea!!!

Camcorder Handle
  • $44.95 + $10.95 S&H

At last, a table stand that provides a safe, stable platform for your camcorder while playing, editing or dubbing. Makes cables easier to connect and keeps them out of the way. Attaches in seconds. Folds and locks flat when not in use. Secures to all VHS, Digital and 8mm camcorders up to 5 pounds.

Folding Camcorder Table Stand
  • $34.95 + $10.95 S&H

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Video Innovators also offers "slightly used" but fully guaranteed product at discount pricing on a "as available" basis. These are new pieces that have been used in product photo shoots and/or as show demos.

Call 970.390.5142 or email us at for pricing and availability.

All products are compatible with Sony, Canon, Panasonic and other fine camcorders.

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